Could you possibly return to writing on Topics that are more relevant to BCers & Canadians, such as all the layers of corruption in our local BC Gov’ts & Politics, Education, Medical & Judicial systems & No Housing for BC Seniors as the ‘Third World Immigrant Influx’ are ‘moved to the front of the line’ while Canadians & 50 year ‘Senior Taxpaying Citizens’ are ‘pushed to the back of the line’ as myself & many other ‘homeless Seniors’ are finding out . The ‘ongoing many years Conflict’ in Gaza between the Zionists & Palestinians isn’t ’first priority’ for me personally, as what can we do from here from the ‘other side of the World’, Canada is becoming a Third World country right before our eyes. We’re all just trying to survive in our own country with so much corruption here. I think that is priority right now. Let me know. Debbie French

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Here’s my article on Bill C-63 … Scroll down to the bottom of the article and see who is behind this extremely dangerous legislation… Maybe this will help you see the connection. And also why Gaza is so important and relevant to our struggle for freedom here in Canada 🇨🇦

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