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Here is Kim Goguen from united network tv, and her latest inspiring comments of her successful ongoing journey to restore the world and all in it. This is huge.

We will make it count. We have a shot at restoration for the first time ever on this planet. Big responsibility.

There will be a global alliance, defending this planet. 5% will be killers, 5% will be saintly. The rest will be x. Then some will question stuff

We must meet world where it is at first.

So world and people do not fall apart. You do not know what you do not know.

If our alleged friend becomes our enemy, that is it. We have 0 tolerance on our side and we are not the order. We know how to structure things and we do not need someone to think for us.


Good news is the scientist now sees that dark matter did not create the universe.

As word spreads, we will see if they can turn a corner.

As we move forward with these types of things, we get closer to releasing the money to the countries and people, as private project funds and operational funds.

As long as we are on the same page, but it will take me a week to 2 to have the staff and have a portal. The creation in the future is, there will be development banks created in co-operation with care for micro and macro lending. Grant funding. All will take time. Lots to consider on a global change. For example we know drug co were all run by the bad agency people but they will not disappear over night.

No more MRNA. But aspirin, insulin, pain meds, will not disappear overnight. It’s a process to get to where we want to go.

If we can keep a business in business, we need to educate all to do it different. HUGE Oversight. There will be constant quality groups regarding materials chosen for building stuff. To make sure our potential new friends will do what they say they will do.

We are here to build proper infrastructure.

Oversight to governments as well. Govt should not fund stuff. The money is there. 23 trillion is just the tip of the iceberg.

We need to separate church and state. It will take a lot of people to understand.

Hope this helps.


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