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Thanks Brother,

Ken Billings

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You are making too many assumptions on progress. The main way people can communicate and control their lives is in face to face contact. Taking control of our lives on a community level seems to be the most obvious way to make people accountable and keep control of the situation. A community constitution (guidelines to live by) is more to my liking. That is being done in Canada and is called "The POGG Primer" Peace, Order and Good Governance. More info at https://Shelaw.ca More info at:





Thanks, Ken Billings, editor, DIGILEAK News Not Noise (Bitchute) and DIGILEAK WORLD Newsletter

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What is called "Transnational Capitalist Class" or TCC, I call it Plutocratic Oligarchy.

After all, they claim they know what's good for us better than us and they control us through money.

The best that can occur to us all is the destruction of the private banks power to create and use debt-money.

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